Food & Water Sovereignty

Now That’s Juicy!

Pure plum and cherry juice with no sugar added (you don’t need it). I use the Mehu-Liisa 11-liter Stainless Steel Steam Juicer (Made in Finland) which was given to me by a friend, but I found them easily on line.… Read More »Now That’s Juicy!

A Seed Ceremony

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Food sovereignty and purity is always on mind since I have transitioned to a healthier way of nourishment (a better word than diet for sure)! My girlfriend is a huge fan of “The Ringing Cedars” series of books by Vladimir… Read More »A Seed Ceremony

A Pool – Naturally

The rise in popularity of the natural swimming pool can be attributed to many factors, such as; avoidance of chemicals, maintenance, less water usage, integrating plants and beauty just to name a few.Designing with the landscape and integrating a pool… Read More »A Pool – Naturally