A Seed Ceremony

Food sovereignty and purity is always on mind since I have transitioned to a healthier way of nourishment (a better word than diet for sure)! My girlfriend is a huge fan of “The Ringing Cedars” series of books by Vladimir Megre (which can be found at ringingcedars.com). Having read the first three I can say that the sentiments resonate with me, as they might with anyone interested in a more natural way of life and community.

What really connected with me was the ceremony of planting seeds that reminded me of the deep relationship we should have with the earth that God has provided for all of us. The overflowing abundance that is possible if we just bend to work that earth. It is no secret that this kind of work brings a deep sense of peace and a good night’s sleep; because the food you will produce is natural and free of contamination and the working of the earth provides the proper workout for your physical needs.

I took what I needed from what I read, and some I cast aside as with any reading, but the Seed Ceremony rang true with me, as I think God expects us to respect and treat with sacredness the earth He has given us. There is an interesting thought proposed: that, by doing this ceremony with some of your seeds, the plant will respond to your health needs by producing more of the nutrients you are deficient in. The idea here is that your genetic material is transferred or perhaps “read” by the plant. That idea sounds plausible to me, and I eagerly await research on the topic. The implications are obvious in the age of pharma care. However, in the meantime I aim to give it a try.

Here is the ceremony directly from the book, and I intend to try it this summer.

  • Stand barefoot on the ground where you are planting
  • Place the 1 or more seeds in your mouth under your tongue for 9 minutes
  • Now place them between the palms of your hands for 30 seconds
  • Now open your hands and raise them up to your mouth and blow lightly with warm breath
  • Hold your hands open again for another 30 seconds, presenting the seeds to God (The seed will determine the moment of its awakening)
  • The power of God and his elements will give the sprouts the light and energy they need to produce fruit specifically for you.
  • You may now plant seed in the earth and do not water for 3 days. This allows the seed to take in all of the information about you.
  • Follow the lunar calendar for appropriate seed planting dates.
  • Leave at least one kind of each weed in the area of planting. They transfer their energy to your plantings.
  • Use heirloom or saved seeds. Mass seeds are often coated in rat poison for storage.
  • Through saliva wetting, breathing, and barefoot earth connection the plant will absorb the information it needs from the person who planted. Thus, during cultivation of its fruit it will pick up from the earth and all creation the maximum amount of energies needed for the individual.
  • The weeds should not be disposed of, as they have their own appointed purpose. Some weeds serve to protect the plant from disease while others give supplemental benefits.
  • During the cultivation time it is vital to communicate with the plant and it is desirable to approach and touch it during a full moon at least once during its growth period.
  • These plants may be capable of the curing of all diseases of the flesh when consumed by the individual who cultivated it; also, significantly retarding the aging process, rescuing us from harmful habits and tremendously increasing mental abilities and giving a sense of inner peace.
  • The fruit will have the most effective influence when consumed no later than three days after harvesting.
  • Variety – Just a few seeds of each variety require this process from a batch of seeds. The plants grown in this way will be distinguished from other plants of the same species not only in taste, but in scent and appearance and vitality. If analyzed, it will be seen that they are also distinct in terms of the substances they contain.
  • When planting the seed, it is important to soften the dirt in the excavated hole with one’s fingers and bare toes, and to spit into the hole.
  • Why the feet? Through perspiration of one’s feet comes substances (toxins and energy) containing information about bodily diseases. This information is absorbed by the seed, they transmit it to the fruit which will thus be enabled to counteract diseases.

There is something primal and earthy about this ceremony. I can see no harm in giving it a try. If nothing else it may connect me on a deeper level to the plants I depend on for life, and that’s a good thing!

Wish me luck!

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