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Now That’s Juicy!

    Pure plum and cherry juice with no sugar added (you don’t need it). I use the Mehu-Liisa 11-liter Stainless Steel Steam Juicer (Made in Finland) which was given to me by a friend, but I found them easily on line. This steam juicer outperforms all the other models I have tried. This amazing pot does many things; however, it makes juicing your fruit a joy. Cold pressing aside, this eliminates the need for cheesecloths and squeezing. A flat potatoe masher works well to agitate the pulp during the process, but is not a must do.

    It takes about 45 minutes to one hour for the juice to rise and begin to flow down the tube. You just collect it in jars or bottles, let stand to cool and refrigerate. It is a good idea to have a small table beside the stove that sits lower as the liquid is too hot to try and hold a container while filling. I use this for juice I plan to drink within 14 days, but the juice never makes it that long.
    I still make some juices the old way, but this method allows you to do others things while juicing and cleanup is a breeze.

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