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Gabions Are Now a Mainstream Design Feature

    Today I want to share an architectural feature I absolutely love, and you may want to incorporate into your castle design. Originally developed for erosion control and slope, the Gabion has found its way into the designer’s world in a lot of spectacular ways.

    gabion; from the Italian word gabbione meaning “big cage”; also from Italian “gabbia” and Latin “cavea” meaning “cage” is a box, cagecylinder or other container generally made of a metal mesh filled with rocks, concrete, and a myriad of other materials. They come to us from their use in civil engineering, road building, landscaping and military applications

    For those who like to weld, this tech is a great way to add some solid pop to your home or yard. You can fill a Gabion with just about any material and they make good vertical gardening platforms.

    We think they are awesome! What do you think?

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