Natural & Regenerative Design: Real Wealth

Over the life cycle of a structure and land, Natural Regenerative building and land costs are considerably less for owners, communities and the environment. But how do we measure the outcomes…over decades and centuries? That is the kind of measurement modern buildings will fail measure up to (pardon the pun).

Money talks! And as a means of getting the things we need, we ought to deeply consider the return on every dollar we invest in our homes, land and lifestyle. Besides having an independent livelihood, being debt free and maintaining complete control over your liquid assets (cash, precious metals, etc.); your home, land and lifestyle are things that create wealth in the ways that are most beneficial to our health and happiness.

When you get to that point in your life, you will find that you have left behind most of the worries that plague so many of us today. Your work becomes a pleasure; your food a nutritious blessing and your home a temple of peace and joy. Just ask anyone who is there. You can find some of these Champions on social media. Men and women like Owen Benjamin in the USA, Liziqi in China, Curtis Stone in Canada, Clifton Schooley in Indonesia and Kris Harbour in Wales. They are living examples that there is a better way if you want it. And all of them use Natural and Regenerative design thinking in many of their projects and endeavours.

I cannot count the times I have heard all the arguments from mainstream builders, people trying to sell a system or style, and people like you and me who just haven’t looked at the Natural and Regenerative approach. Let’s go with the obvious common sense stuff here and leave the technical data for a longer conversation. More than that, they are truth seekers, trying to navigate a planet that seems to have largely forgotten what is best for all of us.

They know that design that achieves high levels of performance in building, lifestyle, education and beyond into all areas of human endeavour needs be held to a much higher observable and measurable set of principles, values and systems. Life cycles should be extended, consume less resources and produce a regenerative outcome. Truly, why would we want to design any other way?

Here are my best 3 reasons to use Natural Regenerative design on your project:

  1. Money – Every dollar you give to some else to manage – like an investment broker – is beyond your power to control and manage. Remember Horace Greeley’s prophetic words: “The darkest hour in any man’s life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.” The greatest financial power you have is how you earn and how you spend your money. We are known by our fruits. So keep your money close and invest it in you, your family and your community first, and, if you lose it all…Great!…you earned it once and you know you can do it again!
  2. Labour – There is no greater joy in this world than that which is produced honourably with your own hands. I once heard a man say I should get busy building my dream or I would be busy building someone else’s. Smart man, good plan. Let your labour bear your fruits, not someone else’s.
  3. Time – When you are on this path, you will be amazed at the time you have to devote to the things that matter to you.

Keep it natural and never stop learning. You do not have to be the best, but you better be in control. Now, get out there, take initiative, and start building your dream! Let me know how it’s going, and I will share it here.

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