I put a dollar in the bank
Why? For there I'd save it wisely
They'd give it special interest
Plans for growth they would devise me;
Some shoes, a book, how much is that?
My only dollar, oddly loaned
Why bother said I, then I'll be poor
Instead my fortune I will hone.

Another dollar in the bank
My wealth manager did assure me
Would grant me freedom to retire
And in old age secure me.

So I slaved to earn those dollars
For them to toil year by year
My feet did ache, my back was bent
And my dollars compounded galore

And from those borrowed dreams came a golden heap
Of ill-gotten gains, riches wrongly reaped;
And all that easy wealth for which I'd never toiled
Left a target on my back and my wine cup spoiled.

M. Stadnyk

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