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Troubling the Simple Day

    In vertigo I often live

    A room I am imprisoned in

    And though it seems your tempest brain

    Will snap beneath the violent rain

    Of an ethereal maelstrom

    Wrapped in a repeating hailstorm

    That spins balance’s insides out.

    It’s there, within that room I flout

    Seeking certain within my doubt

    Troubling the simple day.

    Time and feel are not regular here

    They slap against your pride and fear

    Seeking memory’s forgetfulness.

    The call to arms of the usual mess

    Divides you into many minds

    Where each swirling pseudonym grinds

    Against well-beaten madness blinds.

    I know the minds of those men well

    The way their hearts and egos swell,

    Troubling the simple day.

    MaxS 1987