Poems for Children: The Paper Symphony (Opus 1) Night Dreams

Under silver-mottled cottage moss

Drenched with Autumn rain

Abandoned footprints hint of yesterdays

As they are slowly washed away.

See as you walk childhood paths

Stars reign over shadow and shade

Behind the place where lost vacations

Are played and pleasantly weighed.

And as you drift off over the waves

Of the Weaver’s wise and simple charms

Your eyelids billow to a flute of willow

Then dreaming softly upon your pillow.

From cloud to ocean is the course

Then scented airs and simple fares

Warm cinnamon buns and merry fun

And then your dreams are done.

Then when you rise to a promising sun

And dust a joyous sleep from your eyes

And strain to reach in directions all

To break your blankets happy hold

Shout out – ‘Yes, this is a day to be me!’

Max S