The Knight’s Reply to the Lady’s Lament

When with the hearts of wolves
the moon calls to us long apart
and the cool dusk draws deeper
a longing that sings a mating call

Listen, night’s invocation alight
eyes deep in the sleep-shimmering sky
there, ’til distant dawn
in the stars draw our silhouettes embracing

Sweet reverie of lips exchanging vows
let thoughts of you and I
sooth the lazy sailing
of time’s indifferent hourglass

When dawn brings you sleep
beyond my questing horizon
Weep not for moments lost
or unquenched love forlorn

But wrap your heart around love my love
welcome the warm rapture of memory
for those moments are the artist
of my heart’s cherished surrender

Then on the night of Michelmass
lift your eyes to the old east road
see summer long flown and snow in the glen
and your knight – home from the world again.

M Stadnyk