The Quality of Character

I've known some persons who when jostled or clinked
Take affront to their person, companion or drink;
Such people avoid, as avoid they to think
For the quicksand of wrath is bitter drink.

Christ never elbowed Himself into line
Nor hoarded a treasure; fish, bread or the wine;
And never He schemed or harboured design
Preaching the poor or invited to dine.

I take no offence at the bump of the hip
And less (rest assured) at the foot of the trip;
Yet what causes these acts angry flip
Neither nod nor 'excuse me' from the same lip.

In full men such a response oft causes the welt
In vain boys such manners cry out for the belt;
With oldsters one humbles, their respect he is dealt
With ladies be charming, and their hearts are soon melt.

Much has been said on good manners and wrote
And is on such words you perpetually dote
You'll likely acquire a most confident vote
When others together of you should take note.

Max Stadnyk