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When One Must Go

    My first little contribution to verse is something I call A BrachyOde. Brachy being Greek for “short”. My thought here was that there are subjects so great of import that they deserve the form of Ode, just a short one.

    BrachyOde to a Commode I

    Oh, little seat of sweet repose

    recipient of my most passionate throes

    praise be these are not pioneer times

    and seventy paces in arctic climes

    BrachyOde to a Commode II

    Oh, heavenly seat of night’s before

    you rise a thousand feet from the floor

    I lay staring up from plentiful libation

    it seems…installing indoor irrigation

    BrachyOde to a Commode III

    Oh porcelain, you and you alone are privvy

    to the wondrous danse-macabre sans skivvies

    the squats and leaps that beg release

    the tears of joy when the music’s cease.

    Max Stadnyk