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Our Time To Be Men

    As we read the words below of Arthur Twining Hadley (April 23, 1856 – March 6, 1930) it is an opportunity for we men to focus our joyful work on a good plan for ourselves, our family and our communities. Hadley was an American economist who served as President of Yale University from 1899 to 1921.

    “The thing needed is not plans, but men. A well-thought-out plan without a man to execute it is a waste of money: and as a rule, the more comparatively the details have been thought out by a man who is not going to execute them himself, the larger will be the amount of money wasted. Get a man with a plan, and the more money he has the greater is his chance of doing a larger work; but a plan without a man is as bad as a man without a plan – the more he has the more he wastes.”