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Student Project: Impressive in Israel

Tom and Ronnie were already on the Rammed Earth wagon when they found us on the Web to help them on their journey. They trained under Clifton the same way…

Stohl Lake Farmhouse – Sophisticated & Earthy

Another winner by Lead Designer and Rammed Earth Master Mason Clifton SCholey. This Rammed Earth home once again showcases the beauty of natural materials working together. The fantastic finishing by…

Baron Moongate

Project in Vancouver BC, Canada The Baron Moongate and Fence was built just outside of Vancouver. The clients originally had planned to use the fence as a sound wall to…

Heiwa Peace Park Gate

Project on Salt Spring Island, BC ,Canada The Japanese Gate is the entrance to Heiwa Peace Park in Ganges, Salt Spring Island B.C. This rammed earth gate is the first…

Ravine House – An Affair With Pink

Lead Designer Clifton Schooley rams a beautiful home with many Natural Design features. This the first pink rammed earth house in Canada or even the world for that matter. This…