I Stopped Using Shampoo: Here’s Why You Should, Too

I haven’t used shampoo since February 7th. 2021. Why? Because, as it turns out, you don’t need it! (Also, I was out of shampoo and heard that this was something people did, so I figured it would be the best time to try it!) Many articles have been written about people’s personal experiences with nixing shampoo from their lives (so many, in fact that it started a social media trend with one of the worst hashtags I have ever heard in my entire life: #NoPoo, which makes me shudder and hate internet culture when I hear it). Some have had great experiences (Two Years with No Shampoo: My Results, and How to Quit it Yourself), and some failed and grew bitter toward it (Self-Cleaning Hair Is a Myth. Just Shampoo It.). Here are my experiences, what I’ve learned, and why you should try it.

TL;DR—In order to quit shampoo, you need to take control for your health, seek a healthy lifestyle, and desire sovereignty. If you keep eating junk food, your hair will always be greasy, because (and this is the best part) your hair tells you when you’re unhealthy. Be responsible for your health, quit shampoo, and listen to your hair!

Greasy Stage

Many people’s first question is, “Doesn’t your hair get greasy?” The answer is: Yes, my hair was greasy for a couple weeks after I stopped using shampoo, but then promptly adjusted. The only reason your hair gets greasy is because it’s going through withdrawals after it’s been subjected to chemicals its whole life. For some, this greasy period can last up to four weeks, but for others (like me) just two. Many can’t handle this very short period of oily hair, even though the benefits greatly outweigh the cost of having greasy hair for a few weeks.

Benefits to Not Using Shampoo

Healthier Hair

The reason your hair gets greasy, as stated prior, is because it’s used to chemicals. This makes it over-compensate by producing more oil than necessary. By eliminating shampoo, your hair has the ability to grow and thrive naturally, only producing as much oil as it needs. The chemicals also dry out your hair, which is why you see additional products such as conditioners and “exfoliators”

It’s Cheaper

You don’t have to spend anymore money on shampoo, allowing you to have more sovereignty and spend less money on products made by companies who hate you.

Your Hair Tells You What’s Wrong

I was part of a challenge during the month of March, which included working out, eating a balanced diet, cutting out gluten and not eating sugar. During that month, my hair was perfectly fine and healthy. Once the challenge was over, I fell back into eating sugary foods and gluten, and my hair got greasy again. It signaled to me that I was living unhealthily. In order to quit shampoo, you need to take responsibility for your health, or have a greasy head of hair. The choice is yours.

Your hair knows what’s up—listen to it, and don’t shut it up with chemicals!

Natural Style

I’ve never cared about my appearance. Being comfortable and dressed efficiently is always the most important, so I never used products such as gel, mousse, or pomade. However, once I stopped using shampoo, my hair stayed in place without having to put anything in it, and yet still doesn’t look oilly or anything. It helps keep it out of my face, and keep it in place. It’s great!

How to Stop

Here’s how to stop in 3 easy steps:

  1. Live Healthily: Eat good food*, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.
  2. Just Stop: Seriously, all you gotta do is throw our your shampoo and never go back. If you’re living healthily, the grease will cease. Just trudge through and get through the greasy stage. You can do it!
  3. Massage Your Scalp: Every once in a while when you take a shower, spend some time massaging your scalp. This will help your hair and scalp stay healthy.

*“Good food” is food that is natural, organic, locally-grown, and consumed in-season

In conclusion, I will reiterate my points: Do it. It requires commitment, responsibility, and a desire to live a healthier life, but it has every benefit and no downsides (unless you like chemicals that kill your hair). Now, go forth and obtain that little piece of sovereignty!

Featured Image by Carson Masterson on Unsplash

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