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Natural Design: Why Low-Tech Rules

    Occam’s Razor states that – The simplest solution is most often the correct one.

    Sustainable design can not be considered solely in terms of individual systems, such as the electrical system, food production system or cooling system. Although that method is one possible starting point, all the systems must be planned as in terms of short and long term symbiosis as regards a sustainable generational design paradigm. A simple yet scalable measurement system is a key to unlocking such a design undertaking. Max’s system, biomimetics, and

    One is not likely to hear from a design professional, builder or regulator of the impressive functionality of the “solar chimney”. Upon first hearing the term it is likely to conjure up an image in the mind of some type of heating system. 

    It is then somewhat surprising to discover that indeed the opposite is true. Solar chimneys are an amazingly efficient ancient cooling system that boast an effective lifespan enduring for centuries if not longer. They need no advanced technology or materials, have few moving parts and require no electricity or fossil fuels and little continual maintenance, unlike their modern cousins in a planned obsolescence design paradigm.

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