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Our Tribe

Max Stadnyk is a Planetary Steward & Leader in Natural Building Design, Project Manager, Master Rammed Earth Builder & Instructor. His 33 Natural Regenerative Design Principles rewrote the book on the future of design for homes. He is a tireless researcher who has traveled the world studying design from every culture and corner of the world throughout history. 

After leaving the military he wanted to teach himself how to build a house and decided the best way to do that was spend some time working for the people who did build homes. That time was spent as a: carpenter; plumber; gasfitter; electrician; roofer; drywaller/taper; painter; tinsmith; landscaper and a few more. While working on new homes he saw the transition from mostly natural materials to inferior modern products like OSB, MDF and laminate flooring. After watching these products either underperform or fail spectacularly, he thought there had to be a better way. That began his journey into Natural Building.

Over the years he experimented with many Natural Building method that included Rammed Earth, Adobe, Strawbale, Post and Beam Infill, Cob, Stack wall and Stone. In the end he decided that while he loved all of them Rammed Earth made the most sense as a mainstream solution. Wherever he traveled, Professionals, Code Enforcers and Nations all allowed for these systems with very little or no problems. People got it!

Over the last 40 years when he was not building something, Max has been a: sous chef; TV producer; radio host; military accountant; sword fighter; Youth Program Director; market gardener; Construction Safety Officer; entrepreneur; and managed companies and crews.

Clifton Schooley is a green building professional specializing in insulated rammed earth construction and architectural design in Canada and worldwide. His vision is to create environments that are beautiful, artistic, sustainable and have a positive social impact. Clifton believes that both design and construction of a building must be intimately connected to bring maximum benefit to both people and the environment. Beyond rammed earth his ambition is to become an eco-developer and influence society on a larger scale.

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Since 2015, Noah has done many creative projects including: logos, websites (including this one), posters, motion graphics, tabletop games, album covers—you name it,  he’s probably done it. With all of his projects, he enjoys making things that are creative, energetic, and professional.

For many years, Mike has had a desire to move onto the land and lead a simpler, more intentional life and has spent 20 years researching and collecting knowledge on how others are doing it. Part of that journey has been home design which lead him to meet, develop a friendship and then partner with Max on Rammed Earth projects. Mike’s joyful energy and sense of humour make any project he is on better than ice cream on a hot day! Or pretty darn close.

Mike is a single father to his son who was born in 2014 and loves to do all the Dad stuff. Mike has spent almost 40 years in the restaurant industry serving and managing. With 10 years in the financial services industry, Mike understands the need for financial prudence. After leaving the finance and restaurant industry, Mike decided to pursue his passion for building. He serves his community as a private Contractor, helping clients with their small to medium renovation and new build projects.

Mike is currently bringing to life an 8 plot 20-acre homesteading community project in the British Columbia Interior.