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The Paper Symphony; (Opus 3) Seasonal Dreams

    Happy you’ll play as seal pups play while winter’s freshly new

    As snowdrops kiss the sleeping greens with lips of pearly blue

    Joy dances free from care on the feathery ivory

    Strawberry breezes lick your cheeks a cheery cherry

    Chocolate cups by the hearth all many-hued and merry

    Winter’s seasons live the dreams of Strawberries.

    When Spring coaxes long dozing seeds upwards to awakening

    Morning’s dew dazzles breath upon the flowers twinkling

    Spring morning rainbows start fevered hearts glowing

    Youth’s near forgotten zest sleepily returning

    Poets sing in rhymey rapture, a million flying pens

    Spring’s seasons a dreamy rhapsody of Amens.

    As Summer’s sighs serenade life from youth toward perfection

    Nature nurtures bonds with gracefully sprinkled passion

    No skinned knees or stinging bees can dampen joyful play

    The children of this season are Spring’s happy proteges;

    Now the full celebration of love, love that is in forever

    And the ceaseless sweet of time that knows nothing is for never.

    When Autumn’s frosty waters immortalize fallen leaves

    And elder wisdom smiles at the history it’s received

    Peace descends on the winds and bends of two immortal mates

    Then paradise lays breaths of bliss on Godly fates;

    Here forgotten clinks no coin, no blisters reaping corn

    Where work is joy, and every day a harvest morn

    Autumn’s season dreams the symphony of last laurels we adorn.