University Leisure Seizure Part 2 or The Real Hunger Games

Professors prefer those ivory towers

lost amoung wispy muses they deify

disdaining the music of hammer and plough

that shoulders weak monarchical airs

Crowing back and forth, pecking at lines

prodigiously strutting scatologists

from gated community to gated halls

enjoying social strata’s stratosphere.

Courting coin with avaunt-garde pith

philosophizing infatuated lumps of clay

the young must believe, grades are at stake

self-awareness left age during the salary race.

Back to the farm this summer, the old man needs a hand

“But you don’t need the farm, you’re educated now”

He and the professor gorge on subsidized meals and joke

about inbred combine pilots and intellectual vegetables.

Catastrophic drought is – educational

And school’s monoculture a single crop

You can’t eat your books, or book a brain

Nor harvest the unlearned lessons of a life lived so restrained.

Max S