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Awesome Mailboxes! and… Calling Cards?

    Often the first thing you see on the drive up to the castle is the mailbox. I love it when people get creative with their mailbox as it can be a great and affordable project for any budget. I think you should be just as creative with your mail solution as you are in your kitchen. I cover this in my 33 Building Principles and really helps guide design. If you happen to live in older areas of Europe and New England, you may chance upon the Calling Card Holder at someone’s front door. The predecessor to the modern business card; one left a visiting or calling card to let the homeowner know you had been by. Often it came to include the time you had stopped by and when you would be at your own home to receive a visitor.
    Since the rise in popularity of online shopping, mail thieves are an epidemic problem. All of the above points should be considered when thinking about what might appear to be an easy off-the-rack design feature. As with all design, form and function will inform your choices.

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