Top 5 Ways to Blow The Doors Off Your Bathroom

Here’s my top 5 Bathroom design features:

  1. No elevation change walk in showers (and no shower doors or glass)
  2. Separate water closet (Composting Toilet)
  3. Opening windows (Especially at just above tub height)
  4. Waterproof floor with a drain
  5. Wide Doorway (This means all mobilities access to Bathroom)

Check out these amazing and sensible bathrooms!

Arrgh!! I want to blow the doors off your bathroom….literally! The Bathroom is one of the two rooms in a home that are almost always too small (mechanical room is the other) and often not very conducive to moisture.
The door bumps into the toilet; or my elbows smash into the shower enclosure; no drain in floor in a room that houses a toilet, sink, shower and tub (this one dumbfounds me); there’s no window, fresh air or decent ventilation of any kind; and haven’t we learned that the toilet should perhaps have it’s own space with some natural ventilation and maybe even a view.

Not many things can bring more peace and harmony to Mr. & Mrs. Bear than a well-designed Bathroom (except maybe the kitchen; the bedroom is another more mature matter). I also like to design in French doors or windows that open adjacent to the bathtub so you can enjoy fresh breezes at least some of the year. Rub-a-dub-dub all!

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